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Black Cab - Blackberry Cabernet Wine  $15.00

We've combined our juiciest blackberries with a wonderful cabernet to create this red.  This wine opens with a splash of blackberry and finishes with a silky smooth, full-bodied cabernet flavor.

Journey - Bold Red Blend  $18.00    NEW 2017

Our NEWEST wine is a blend of Cabernet, Malbec and Petit Verdot wines.  It is a full bodied red wine with a wonderful finish!

Picnic - Semi-Dry White Table Wine  $12.00

A sunny day, Grandma's old quilt, and someone with whom to while away the hours....I love a picnic.  Add to that some wonderful Wisconsin Cheese and artisan bread and you might decide not to go home!  The icing on the cake is some cool, crisp, light wine with a wonderful refreshing finish.  You'll never forget  the picnic.  Don't forget to take some pictures!

Rhubarb Rox - Rhubarb Wine  $12.00

Growing up, I remember a day when we headed to the garden with a cup of sugar for that first taste of spring.  Dipping that rosy stalk of tangy rhubarb into the sweet sugar really made your taste buds dance.  Just for fun, we'd try it without sugar.  Grandma was right ... it will make your hair curl.  We have captured the flavor of rhubarb in a better way ... a glass of wine.  What a wonderful compliment o the end of one of your best days.  Light and refreshing ... any time.

Virtue - Semi-Dry White Table Wine  $14.00

Four of us started the journey to build the winery.  We spent many summers traveling, taking photos, writing stories, and drinking some wonderful wines in preparation to build our dream.  The cornerstone of that dream was to create a place for folks to relax, play, and enjoy.  The aspiration was to make our wine stand out from the rest through virtue, respectability, and integrity in the art of wine making.  Our commitment to that dream has given us this joy we call Munson Bridge Winery.  It is an honor to share it with you.

Sun Glow - Semi-Dry Peach Chardonnay Wine  $12.00

This wine's beautiful appearance is much like a pink pearl.   Pearls have a humble beginning of a grain of sand.  Over time it slowly becomes an object of value and beauty.  Our wines have a similar beginning.  Starting with the finest fruit and over time transforms in to one of life's finest pleasures.

Fishing Buddies-Semi-Dry Red Table Wine  $14.00

Grandpa Tom has six grandsons...and he really digs that.  He loves to take them fishing, talk fishing, shop fishing...everything fishing.  So a few years back, he started taking them to the lake for a day, then for an overnighter, then a two-dayer.  The boys had to be six years old to qualify for this bonding event.  They are now all more than six years old, so Grandpa rents a cabin and a pontoon, and they fish.  Yup!  Making memories is what it's all about.... and his famous pancakes for breakfast.  Cheers to you boys!  Grandpa loves you!

Elderberry / Blueberry Wine  $12.00

Take a road trip anywhere in Wisconsin, and you will be sure to stumble upon a large elderberry bush.  In the spring, the clusters of white flowers take your breath away.  In the late summer, it takes a keen eye and a mighty will to harvest their fruit.  Elderberry harvesting brings the kid out in my husband.  This earthy, rich, fruity wine leans toward strong tannins.  A dark, inky-black color is underscored by its rich scent and bright blueberry flavor.  It's sure to awaken the wine lover in you.

Lauren - Semi-Dry White Table Wine  $14.00

A wonderful white wine named for our second granddaughter, Lauren. Enjoy this wine slightly chilled to bring out its bright, crisp, light flavor!

First Timer Blackberry Wine  $12.00

Do you know a real "berry picker"?  You know one when you see one ... heavy jeans, long-sleeved loose shirt, and an ice cream pail tied to the waist with bailer twine.  That was the year we started making wine.  With purple fingers and his secret digs loaded with blackberries, Tom declared his intentions.  The day of reckoning arrived.  Wow!  The rich, dark, fruity flavor wraps you in a bear hug.  The peppery finish leaves you wanting more.  How does wine get this fun?

AC/DC - Black Currant Wine  $14.00

Looking at added a serious power surge to your next event?  Our currant wine will be sure to amp up the fun.  The crisp snap of the currants are just the wattage your friends are looking for.  Don't come up short with your guests.  Give your palate a jolt with this great refreshing wine. 

Cheers - Frontenac Rose' Wine  $15.00

A crisp semi-sweet table wine.  A wonderful taste explosion of Wisconsin Frontenac grapes and light & fruity Rose'.

Midnight Magic - Cherry Wine  $13.00

Bold, fruity semi-sweet wine.  Enjoy a refreshing taste of summer with our Midnight Magic cherry wine! 

Five Ducks - Crab Apple Wine  $13.00

A crisp, fruity wine with a light apple punch.  Share a bottle with your friends.  Enjoy lightly chilled!

Toby's Wild Plum Wine  $13.00

Toby was our treasured Jack Russell Terrier.  We loved him and our grandchildren adored him.  We couldn't possibly let a wine go and not be named for him.  Our plum was a good choice.  The firm, tart skins hold the juicy sweet interiors.  Collecting and preparing is a bit more work, but we feel the outcome is truly worthwhile.  Enjoy it with appetizers, poultry, seafood, or for casual sipping by itself.  It's especially nice to share with family and friends....Just like Toby.

Liquid Sunshine  - Apricot/Grape Wine  $13.00

Apricots are one of the finest early summer fruits.  Enjoy it with us in its fall release.  It's sure to be the sunshine we need to make us smile on a cool fall's eve.

Pomegranate Fusion - Semi Sweet Pomegranate/Grape Wine  $12.00

One evening, after a party, a few friends lingered outside.  The laughter and good times sent Tom into test drive mode.  He brought out this flavor for a "taste".  As the glasses clinked, he got two thumbs up!  A lovely balance of sweetness with a wonderful fruity aroma.  We think it's a hit!

 RaRa - Semi-Sweet Red Table Wine  $13.00     

This wonderful red wine is named after our oldest grandchild, Saharra Jade.  It is sweet and fun just like her!  This wine is made with concord grapes blended with boysenberry.  It will put a smile on your face.  A fun wine!

Twizzler - Frontenac Gris Blend  $14.00  NEW 2016

Our NEW semi-sweet Frontenac Gris Blend is not to sweet and not too dry.  This is the perfect wine to keep on hand for every occasion!  Twizzlers pairs well with many dishes.  We LOVE this new blend and think you will as well!

After Hours - Apple/Pear Wine  $12.00     

This crisp semi-sweet apple/pear wine is great anytime .  Serve Chilled. 

 Summer - Strawberry Wine  $14.00     

A tender strawberry wine.  The perfect wine to enjoy chilled on a hot summer night.  Share a bottle with the people you love!

Mango Symphony - Semi Sweet Mango-Grape Wine  $14.00     

Flirtatious, fleshy, explosively aromatic and downright fun to drink!  Harmony in a bottle....Enjoy!

 Bay Blues - Blueberry Wine  $14.00

Wisconsin grown blueberries are used in this smooth and fruity new favorite!

Cranberry / Raspberry  $13.00

Smell and taste are two powerful memory aids.  They can transport us back to childhood, a special place or a holiday occasion.  Our cran-raspberry is sure to hold its place in those sweet memories.  The joy and laughter of a great meal with family and friends or a specially prepared dessert will be sure to kindle those thoughts.  A wine that smells and tastes this good will be a wonderful addition to any of your family affairs.

Beaulieu - Sweet Blackberry Wine  $14.00

Finding just the right name for our wines can prove to be a daunting task.  This word really jumped out at us.  Beaulieu means "a beautiful place".  Whether you are having a glass after dinner with friends or sharing it with that special someone, you will enjoy this wine right where you are.....your "beautiful place".

Cravin' Cranberries  $12.00     

Refreshingly tart with the full flavor of cranberry.

Gold Leaf - Sweet Maple Syrup Wine  $12.00     

Springtime in Wisconsin is a much awaited time.  You know it has arrived when the taps go on the trees.  The nights are still quite cold, but the days bring a much needed warmth to an already long winter.  Steam rising from the sugar bush signals winter is ending.  Enjoy a glass of springtime gold.  It just may help with the winter blues.

Julia's Raspberry Wine  $14.00     

We grew raspberries for years on the farm.  It was our youngest daughter's favorite past time.  We never had to ask her to pick them more then once.  So it was no surprise when she asked her dad to make his tender, red raspberry wine for her wedding.  With an aroma like no other, the rich fruit flavor is oh, so friendly.  It's wonderful when slightly chilled on a warm summer evening.

Pajama Red - Black Raspberry Wine  $16.00     

The perfect way to end your meal!  Pairs well with most desserts and is a wonderful sipping wine.  We can not think of a better way to end the day. Slip into your favorite pajamas and give this wine a try!

Holiday BLISS - Raspberry-Chocolate Wine  $15.00     

Enjoy our Raspberry-Chocolate port style wine at all of your holiday gatherings.  The fresh raspberry flavor combined with a light chocolate finish will be a crowd favorite!

TIPSY - Elderberry Wine  $15.00

Our Elderberry port style wine will warm you up and keep you smiling all winter long!  But it might make you a little "tipsy"!
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